Our Vision

We are in your shoes, having the same conversations, thinking the same thoughts, wondering what the future holds for our child with additional needs.   We have a vision for our daughter, and we want to provide a central hub for like-minded parents and carers – a place to find resources that will help develop skills around purpose, relationships and daily living skills. Young people with additional needs can achieve many great things, and we want to help them on their path to greater independence.  We aim to provide practical resources to parents and carers to make the journey a bit easier

Independence for most people consists of three things:
1) Having a purpose for the day – usually a job, a place to go or something we contribute to the world.
2) Having relationships with family, friends and maybe a partner one day.
3) Having the daily living skills for independence – being able to do the washing, cooking, cleaning and managing money day to day.

There is also an additional consideration that serves as the foundation of all these – money.  Like it or not money often dictates how we live our lives, and we need to confront the issue of how our children will survive financially when we are gone.  Money is an essential building block to achieving greater independence. Money is not only about the day to day management of money but also the financial planning necessary by us to give our children the opportunity to live an independent life. Note: children is a generic term and does not specifically mean people younger than 18 years.  When we are 80, our children will still be our children.

We don’t cover education in any detail, even though it is obviously very important, because there are already plenty of very useful resources out there on education and accessing the right support.  If appropriate, we will link to other websites and resources because we want to open up the web rather than keep information ‘closed’ within the Journey Skills website.  Hence, the ambitious Services Near You section where you can find organisations near you who offer support and/or resources.