Introducing the Journey Skills Podcast

Listen to the first episode of the Journey Skills Podcast – the podcast for parents of young people with additional needs. Each week we interview someone who is helping young people develop their independence skills.

Full Show Notes

As this is the introduction episode of the Podcast I’ve simply included a transcript below (maybe not word for word but pretty close).  In future episodes the show notes will include key points as well as links to any resources mentioned.

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Hi, everyone.  Thank you for joining me on this the first ever journey skills podcast.  So as it’s the beginning of my podcasting journey (pun totally intended) I wanted to take 10 minutes to share my motivation and vision for this podcast and hopefully to give you a reason for coming back for episode one next week.

To cut a long story short I have a daughter with additional needs so really she’s the motivation. As she’s got older I’ve started to wonder where she’ll end up after she finishes full time education.  How will she spend her days (her nights) where will she live, who will she talk to everyday?  Right now all that’s fairly easy as school covers most of it and we (mum dad big sister) manage the rest.

And we’re incredibly lucky because our daughter goes to a school which has started to help her develop her life skills so she’s already getting guidance on things like independent travel, cooking and managing friendships.  And let’s face it school is kind of like a job arrive by a certain time stay until a certain time and sometimes deal with an annoying boss (aka as a teacher).  But she only has a few years left of this.  What happens when she leaves education?  Her older sister will leave school and will have options a job, go college university, a place of her own.  This won’t be the same for our youngest and this is a problem that won’t go away and a constant worry

So the challenge then is to work out what she needs to be able to do after she finishes school which will enable her to live as independently as she is capable of.  How will she manage money, cook without causing the fire department to be on speed dial?  What will she do all day when the routine of school is gone.  I already have visions of endless days spent on unnamed computer games or inane YouTube channels.  But actually more than that I want her to have a life that she enjoys, feels safe in, and has a sense of achievement from just being herself.

So the solution is that I need to teach her as many skills as possible to make her as able as she can be to do things for herself.  I’m not unrealistic of course there will be some things she may never master, maybe she will always be a bit vulnerable but I’m going to give her every tool and strategy I can find to make sure she is able to cope with everything life throws at her.  In short I want to equip her for a life past her additional needs I want to equip her for life.

Anyway having decided all this I did what most people do to find the resources and answers I googled it.  And in fact there’s heaps of information out there in hundreds of different places.  So from that came the vision of bringing together all the information, support ideas resources etc etc into one place

After much discussion among family, friend’s others facing the same challenge we decided that the focus should be three areas that would most help her on her journey to independence,

So the big 3 to us are daily living skills, so things liking budgeting, shopping, cooking, washing, cleaning the house,  purpose by that I mean a job or volunteering, basically something to do each day, and relationships, developing friendships and possibly even one day finding and living with a partner.

So from this then grew the bigger project which my husband I called Journey Skills.  We will be providing a resource hub where parents and young people can come to for help with everything from money skills to cooking to learning to ride a bicycle.  The everyday stuff which we all need to know to just live our lives.  There’s also a section there on money would really appreciate it you had a look at what we’re building at  Feedback most welcome ideas readily accepted

So why add a podcast to this mix.  Well like a lot of parents of children with additional needs I’m constantly looking for ways to help my daughter.  I will talk to anyone and everyone for the tiniest snippet of information or a contact that can help her in any way.  From this I know there’s lots of people out there who have faced the same challenges I’m facing and they’ve found solutions.  So this is a solutions podcast focused on what can be done to help a young person on their journey to an independent life.  Basically making that road as smooth as possible.  Each week I will talk to a someone who has something to share in 1 of the 3 areas I mentioned earlier daily living skills, purpose and relationships, which will help you guide your son or daughter on their own individual journey towards greater independence.  Topics for the future include supported living and starting up a small business.

Until then, thank you for listening to the JourneySkills Podcast.  Please subscribe to this podcast and let me know what you think at  If you have a journey to share I would love to hear from you just email me

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