Travel Skills

So why is this under Relationship Skills? Well one of the great ways young people develop independence is through going out with friends, meeting friends and basically spending time away from parents.

Our daughter is very much at the beginning of this part of her journey (pun alert) she has some practice buying bus/train tickets and using an app to check timetables but there is one resource we have found are useful for her, a 24 hour clock card to help her navigate the timetable boards at stations/stops which inevitably are in the 24 hour clock. Click Here for a free download of the one she has in her wallet. There are a few cards here for when one gets ruined and they’re business card sized so easily fit in a wallet or purse.

Travelling independently brings with it many challenges particularly when it comes to going on vacation. We live in the UK and often fly out of Gatwick who has an excellent and subtle system for helping harassed parents going on holiday. You can find more information on their Hidden Disabilities program here. We have used this very successfully.

There are also great resources out there offering advice such as
The fully accessible guide to flying for people with disabilities