Growing Up

What you read on here is our own experience of this the great unknown.  Those of you who have survived the teenage years please give us feedback on what were doing we certainly need it.  This is also from the parents of a girl perspective, although where possible we have added information relating to boys provided by other parents.


So lets start with puberty, not only was this a change for our daughter it was a pretty big change for us to.  She went from our little girl to determined teen in 0 to 60 seconds.
Obviously we (actually her Mother) had to talk to her about what was happening to her and her body.

I found this Video quite useful, for myself, as its kind of nice to know you’re not the only one going through it all.

As she has gotten older we have thought about what else she needs to know and moved to books with more mature themes.

Things Ellie Likes

I heard about this book from a friend who has a son and faced the same issues.  This book “Things Ellie Likes was probably one the most excruciating book I have ever read.  Beware its starts calmly but soon you will go to places you may never have been before.  It certainly lead to some interesting conversations between my daughter and I. I’m not sure either of us found discussing the contents of this book easy but it is a conversation that needed to be had.


Things Tom LikesThis is the version of the same book but for boys.  If you would like to listen to one parents experiences of dealing with her son around some of the issues in this book then listen to episode 2 of the Journey Skills podcast “Growing up with Asperger’s”.



Growing up guide for girlsCurrently we are working our way through this book.  In my opinion this is a great book as it covers so many important issues.  In particular it talks about issues around crushes and friends something my daughter seems to need support with right now.




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