For our young people, like any young person, this is the centre of their universe. What is it about teens that make them think anyone over 25 is complete idiot and their friends know everything? Not sure, but we found this was and is an area our daughter really struggles in. Like a lot of kids with additional needs, she doe not alway have the inbuilt script for managing and nurturing friendships. She also has the added problem that friends she had when she was younger have matured much quicker than her, so she is left adrift in many ways and not with sure what to do or where to go next.

With these friends from her younger days, who she still sees from time to time, we now provide her with a script of polite questions. This seems to work quite well and at least gives an opener to start something which often her friend will take forward and she can then become a more relaxed passenger in the conversation. We have done something similar for when we take her to meet new people, again it’s really some questions for her to ask to get things started. You can download the conversation starters we use here.

For some tactics on developing social skills listen to episode 3¬†of the Journey Skills Podcast “Building¬†social skills”.