Finding Fashion That Works

Podcast Episode 08. Matching clothes to the occasion is a challenge for us all. This week Elika Gibbs, owner of Practical Princess, is here to help. She professionally advises her clients on fashion and the organisation of wardrobes. Elika introduces us to the ‘look book’, and discusses the challenges of helping a young person with additional needs organise their wardrobes. She believes in the value of organisation and suggests this is one of the many keys to independence.

Show Notes
Show Notes
[.35]   – About Elika, her company and what she does
[2.30] – Think about lifestyle and what works for that
[3.30] – Developing your own style
[7.00] – The look book
[10.45] – The importance of repetition in being organised
[11.30] – Everything has a place in the house
[13.30] – Dressing when fine motor skills are an issue
[15.00] – Be patient and encouraging
[18.30} – Dealing with personal hygiene issues

Key Takeaways
Find Your Own Style
The Look Book

Useful Resources
Practical Princess Website

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