Ace That Interview

Podcast Episode 07. Preparation and practice: these are the keys to interview success. 

This is the advice from Sam, an experienced HR director, who this week shares her expertise on how to not only survive the interview but how to succeed. She covers what needs to be included in a CV, and discusses questions you should expect as well as could ask. Sam explains the importance of role playing, particularly for young people with additional needs, and how to deal with the unexpected during the interview. She offers tactics to help young people facing their first interviews for work and college as well as insights into what interviewers are really looking for.Show Notes

Show Notes
[.35]    – About Sam and her role as a HR director
[1.25] – What to put on your CV
[3.00] – How long should a CV be?
[4.30] – Preparation before the interview
[6.50] – What are good answers to give to questions about your strengths?
[7.30] – The importance of reading the job specification/advert
[8.15] – Role playing in preparation
[9.00] – Questions to ask the interviewer
[13.00] – Following up after the interview and getting feedback
[15.30] – Using pre-prepared scripts
[16.30] – Second interviews
[18.00] – How much to say in the interview about your additional needs

Key Takeaways
Preparation and practice
Using the job description as guide to what to expect in the interview

Useful Resources
Find a CV template in our Job Skills section

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