Building Social Skills

Podcast Episode 03. Hear from Emily Hughes, an expert in developing social skills, about the tools and tactics that can be used to help develop social skills.
Learn how important it is to ask the right questions and not just provide the right answers to reinforce a script. Listen to ideas on how to build confidence and resilience.

Show Notes

Show Notes

[1.00]  –   All about Emily Hughes and how she got to where she is now
[1.30]  –   The importance of actually teaching social skills from an early age
[4.30]  –   Examples of the types of language to use
[5.30]  –   Putting in place the building blocks of friendship
[6.15]  –   Using scripts to navigate any type of situations
[7.15]  –   The work of Mark Le Messurier
[10.00] –  Reinforcing skills using leading questions
[14.00] –   How a social skills programme works starting with meet and greet scripts
[16.00] –   What’s the buzz, show me the buzz, do you know the buzz, the buzz, goodbye buzz – What they all mean
[18.00] –   Using groups and common interests to enhance the learning of scripts
[21.30] –   Leveraging your support network
[23.00] –   Never provide the answers just ask the right questions to build confidence
[29.45] –   The value of having a mentor
[33.40] –   Build resilience through achievable goals, meeting challenges and learning from each
[36.00] –   Practice every day and celebrate every little success
[38.30] –   Collecingt the knowledge and deciding what works for you.

Key Takeaways
Anyone can build their social skills with the right tools and tactics
Celebrate the little successes



What’s the Buzz?

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