Podcast List and Topics

EpisodeNameGuestPurpose/WorkRelationshipsDaily Living
1The Ark ProjectHesterÖ
2Growing Up with Asperger'sLindaÖ
3Building Social SkillsEmily HughesÖ
4A Brush with AuthorityIanÖ
5House To Rent, No Experience RequiredJuliaÖ
6We Are Family – Sibling RelationshipsJulieÖ
7Ace That InterviewSamÖ
8Finding Fashion That WorksElikaÖ
9Perseverance Pays Off: Part 1Sarah Ö
10Perseverance Pays Off: Part IISarah Ö
11Long Term Goals Built On Small StepsAndyÖ
12Building Resilience in the ForestLaura AshfieldÖ
13Happy HolidaysVickiÖ
14When To Take The Stabilisers OffJackieÖ
15BelieveScarlett Ö
16At The BeginningCarolÖ
17A Lasting Interest In SportMaire Ö
18Get Your Cranky Pants OnRobyn Ö
19Be BraveRobyn Ö
20Realising Every DreamMitch HalliganÖ
21Hang in ThereCarmelinaÖ
22The Able LabelKatie EllisÖ
23Shared LivesKaren ÖÖ
24Making Sense Of It AllCaroline Ö
25Keep Calm Be PreparedCarolineÖ
26Kiwi – A Step Dad’s StoryRob Ö
27The L’Arche CommunityJames CumingÖÖ
28Finding A Common LanguageVeronicaÖ
29Seeing Clearly With Antonia ChittyAntonia ChittyÖÖ
30It’s All About The Beer @ Ignition BreweryNick O'SheÖ
31Friendships MatterJamie WheelerÖ
32Having a Sense of ControlSoli LazarusÖÖ
33Providing Opportunity Not CharityMatt & SteveÖ
34Letting GoFiona ÖÖ
35Enterprising Ideas At Acceptable EnterprisesDavid HunterÖ
36Planning AheadLauraÖÖ
37Stepping Back – Part 1Lisa Campbell & Milla JohnsonÖ
38Stepping Back – Part 2Lisa Campbell & Milla JohnsonÖ
39Project Search At The MarriottMaxine Simpson, Sue Stock & Saimmah AliÖ
40The Shed – Providing A Space For ChangeClive HarrisÖÖ
41Living With DyspraxiaChristine DraperÖ
42Wake Up To SleepVicki DawsonÖÖ
43Yes She Can Inc.Marjorie Madfis Ö
44Using Storytelling To Build Self WorthDiane KingÖ
45Team Domenica – Supporting Success In The WorkplaceLisa Campbell-SquiresÖ
46Invictus Enterprises: Building The Steps Into WorkAlison BerkelyÖ
47Be The LightClaire SuttonÖ
48Tennis As Therapy With Love Serving AutismLisa PuglieseÖ
49Carving Job Opportunities at Pure InnovationsNeil WillowsÖ