Going To The Movies

Last weekend I went to the movies with my daughter. Some father and daughter bonding time Hollywood red carpet with starsmade better by snacks during and dinner afterward of course. We saw The Greatest Showman – a film all about big dreams, financial risk, and belief.  Things I need to go with my big vision for my daughter.

Before we discuss that belief in those big dreams, let’s talk about how we got into the movies using the CEA Card first.  This is for those in the UK only but there may be similar schemes where you are and if there are please let us know so we can share them. In the UK, it is relatively easy to get just fill in a form which you can find at www.ceacard.co.uk. Some of the Rows of red cinema or theater seats in front of white blank screen. Vector.online booking systems don’t have a place to add this card the so occasionally you might need to buy your tickets at the cinema. As I showed it to the usher at our local cinema, he said to me it confused him why the carers get the free movie pass rather than the children; I felt like saying, with a smile of course, “yes but I put up with a lot too”.

The Greatest Showman tells the story of a man who also had big dreams, took a mountainous financial risk, and despite the hardships along the way ended up at a place he didn’t expect but one that gave other people happiness, joy, self-fulfillment and pride along the way.

Just what we are all trying to do for our children.

Sometimes we need belief when all logical reason says we shouldn’t expose ourselves so much – I certainly feel this a lot of the time.  Few of us would’ve picked our paths if we had a choice, A magnifying glass finds the word Can among many instances of Can't symbolizing a unique positive attitude and resilience to defeat the odds and achieve successbut sometimes I find the rewards of our “little victories” are greater than we might have experienced if our lives had been (quote) as “normal” as every other parent.  But that doesn’t change the fact that we sometimes need belief.

Belief in our children’s ability and belief in the plans we have made for them.  I know the responsibility of planning for my daughter falls on me and my wife.  If they don’t work, it’s us who have shaped her future.  A thankless responsibility but honestly one taken on willingly. I think when we have children we all change suddenly we have another human being to care for to be responsible for. Of course, as our children grow up they push us away just as we did to our parents. But the big difference is while my daughter may push me away I can’t really go away. I need to stand beside her as invisible as I can make myself. I plan to interfere in her daily life as little as possible whilst planning her future without me as much as possible.

So, when it comes down to it I need self-belief and faith that the financial and other plans I Walk Of Fame Type Star, Vector Illustrationmake for my daughter are good. It’s a risk like the greatest showman’s circus. But I have to have faith in what we are doing. If we don’t believe in her future then we can’t expect others to and most importantly for her to truly believe in her own independent future.