Job Skills

This might be better named employability skills because one of the things we’re trying to do for our daughter is give her skills which will help her be employable when she leaves full time education.

At home we started doing this with a list of jobs she must complete in order to be paid her pocket money.  As a lover of lists she uses Paperless Paperless App.  However, there are plenty of other list apps many of them free, or you could go down the pen and paper route of course.

We started with simple stuff on the list, but now she has a pretty decent sized lists of jobs she is responsible for.  This not only gives her  a sense of purpose it is also great practice for when she does live more independently as there are quite a few daily household skills on there.

She has recently started doing work experience in a local charity store and this is helping her build confidence.  The next step we are looking at is helping her put together a basic CV.  You can download a word version of the CV Template we have started with Here.

For more tips on what to put into a CV as well as ideas for preparing for interviews and what questions to ask an interviewer listen to the Ace That Interview podcast.

For a pretty inspirational example of someone helping young people develop a sense of purpose and real usable job skills listen to The Ark Project podcast.

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