This is a skill we have been working on with our daughter for quite a while.  We have always encouraged her to help with the food shopping and frankly she is the best trolley pusher around.  Ok we took out a few ankles in the beginning but now it’s all smooth driving.

We use a shopping list app  (myShopi)  which she has on her phone so she has responsibility for ticking off items.

We also have started to get her familiar with online shopping as we realise trips to the shops may be a thing of the past when she is older.  Obviously this is dangerous territory, as yet she does not have a credit card so she uses one of ours then transfers the money from her own account to ours.  Not quite sure how we will move this one forward to be honest.  One of our biggest fears is around her inability to spot a scam.

These days we send her by herself into shops to buy the staples (bread and milk) and the plan is to extend this to other things to the point where we can wait in the car/cafe while she does the weekly shop.  Lofty dreams but achievable we think with small steps along the way.

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