Chore List

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For us this is an important preparation for our daughter living independently.  She will need to live day to day and do all the things that we do for her for herself.  So to prepare her she has a chore list which we keep simple but plan to add to as she get older and her skills develop.


The list includes:
Making her bed everyday
Feeding the dog every evening
Loading the washing machine once a week
Hanging out the washing once a week
Loading the dishwasher once a week
Unloading the dishwasher once a week
Putting out the rubbish to be collected

She tracks this all on her list app Paperless and, because she is list driven, takes pride in marking things done.

Be warned though the first time your child takes out the rubbish in a bin that is not that easy to move around you may get a few weird looks from the neighbours.