Changing Bedding

In our house Sunday night is bed changing night.   Stripping of the bed – that is removing the sheet, pillow case and duvet cover – is the easy bit.  This can be freestyled.  No instructions required!

For convenience we use elastic fitted sheets, which makes this part of the task fairly easy.  We showed our daughter how to fit them a few times, and then let her get on with it.  It took a bit of practice, correcting/adjusting (mostly when she wasn’t looking), but our daughter now does this on her own.

We followed the same method for the pillowslips.  We showed her a few times and asked her to do it herself.  With practice, even though she has some motor skills issues, she managed to get it.

So on the to the final part, the biggest challenge: putting on the duvet. There are lots of ways to do this but we found the traditional method, where the duvet cover is turned inside out before it is put on the duvet.  This worked best for her. Another way is known as the burrito method.   We tried this but it didn’t work for us because it requires better motor skills to roll the duvet and duvet cover together.

Quick hint: When stripping the bed, let the duvet cover be pulled off so it ends up inside out.  Let it go in the washing basket this way and it is ready to put on the duvet next time.

Basic Steps

1) Lay the duvet on a flat surface, the bed or floor is fine.

2) Get the duvet cover (which is already inside out) and put both hands inside and find the top corners.

3) Grab each corner with your fingers.

4) Then take the duvet cover to the duvet and grab the corners of the duvet and start to shake the duvet cover so it goes over the rest of the duvet.

5) Keep holding the corners and shaking until the duvet cover is on the duvet. If you shake enough the duvet cover will end up over the duvet.

6) Let go of the top corners, and go to the bottom of the duvet where the fasteners are, and put your hand inside to find one of the bottom corners of the duvet.

7) Bring that bottom corner of the duvet to the bottom corner of the duvet cover.

8) Repeat this for the other bottom corner.

9) Hold the bottom of the duvet and duvet cover and shake again.

10) Now do up the fastener/buttons or zip at the bottom and You’re Done.

This video shows you the method. Although it is quite short, it does give you a general idea of what to do.  The key really is practice.  The more you use the method, the quicker and easier it becomes.