The Ark Project

Episode 01 of the Journey Skills Podcast. This week we talk to Hester the founder of the Ark Project. Based in the South of England it helps young people with additional needs develop practical work skills.

Show Notes
[00.45] – All about Hester and her previous life as an occupational therapist before she decided to go in a different direction resulting in The Ark
[1.20] – How young people come to the project through Shared Lives.
[1.40] – How the project helps young people find their own sense of purpose
[2.00] – How the small holding part of the project works and what skills its teaches
[3.20] – The importance of being creative and learning skills in a real environment
[4.20] – Shared Lives – What it’s all about and the process of becoming a registered provider
[6.45] – The practical skills being learnt and the importance of developing confidence through doing
[7.45] – “Know the Dough”
[8.00] –  Developing transferable skills which can be used to live an independent life and giving a real sense of purpose and place in their own communities
[12:00] – Looking to the future and believing in the potential of people to run their own businesses
[13.00] – The future of The Ark
[14.15] – The importance of treating everyone as an individual and allowing them to work at their own pace on the things that really interest them.

Key Takeaways
Learn through doing, doing and doing
Embrace your creativity

The Ark Bakery
Shared Lives Plus

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