Cooking Skills

Welcome to the fun and occasionally messy part of developing independence skills.

Have Fun CookingWhen it comes to developing cooking skills we found we needed to supervise closely at least until we felt confident in our daughter’s ability.  The recipes we have available to download have been tried and stress tested by our own daughter (successfully, well eventually).

Like us you may be pleasantly surprised by the end results – perhaps there may be times you need to do a bit of cleaning and get a takeaway (maybe we should’ve lied to you here!).  But as they say, practice makes perfect.

Our daughter’s cooking repertoire is small at the moment, but as it expands so will the number of recipes on this page.  As always if you have any suggestions for recipes or feedback please get in touch

These recipes are picture based recipes that we used at the very beginning so she could do some cooking with very minimal input from us. The instructions are picture based. and there isn’t any weighing required.

Chocolate Brownies – This was the first recipe our daughter did completely independently. It’s now her go-to for when she wants to impress friends and family.
Chicken Risotto – This is a recipe for two which makes an ideal starter recipe to develop confidence.

These recipes are text-based so require a certain level of reading skills. These are best done with you helping out for as long as it takes for them to get the confidence to try it alone. The idea was to simplify the recipe as much as possible. You may, like us, get a bit tired of eating the same meals over and over, but it’s totally worth it as there will come a time where the only involvement you have will be the shopping and the eating.

Leek and Potato Soup – This recipe has only a few ingredients but it is really useful to help practice peeling and cutting skills.
Rustic Bread Rolls – Perfect accompaniment to the soup. These do not contain yeast so are quick and easy to make.
Lasagne – This is really just a simplified recipe which requires supervision initially but over time you will be able to step away. You may also want to add ingredients back in for your family tastes.

Cookbook for children with special needs


If you are interested in doing more cooking and want a detailed recipe book we have used this book.
For the most part, we tend to adapt recipes ourselves based on our daughters’ abilities and tastes in food. Over time we plan to add more recipes to this page (once they are tried and tested of course).


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