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Be The Light

Podcast Episode 47. The job of a parent is to be there whatever and whenever for your child – those are the rules! Continue reading

Invictus Enterprises: Building The Steps Into Work

Podcast Episode 46. What happens to young people with additional needs when they finish full-time education? How will they find employment? How will they cope on their own throughout adulthood? Continue reading

Team Domenica – Supporting Success In The Workplace

Podcast Episode 45. Successful sustainable employment opportunities for young people with additional needs comes when support is provided for not just the young person but also for their employer too. Continue reading

Wake Up To Sleep

Podcast Episode 42. Do you need more sleep because your child needs more sleep? Maybe this weeks guest can help. Continue reading

Living With Dyspraxia

Podcast Episode 41. What is Dyspraxia? If you don’t know or if you do and want to know more this week’s podcast is for you. Continue reading