About Us

So what are we all about?

We are you. We are in your shoes, having the same conversations, thinking the same thoughts, wondering what the future for our child with additional needs holds. That’s not to say we aren’t extremely grateful she is our daughter. We are very, so very proud of her. But that doesn’t change what we all talk about: what happens after we’re gone?

And so from our living room the idea of a website to help others in a similar position to us was born. We have a vision for our daughter, and we want to provide a central hub for like-minded parents and carers. There is an assumption that our children are at the crossroads: left to their own devices they won’t achieve independence or success in their terms; but given the right forethought and input they will be able to reach a certain level of independence and purpose. We live in the land of hope, determination and optimism.


So who are we?

Debra: An Aussie living in the UK, so effectively she is cold for about 11 months of the year! She has in the past been a marketer, a teacher and a backpacker. She is responsible for keeping the content on here up to date along with our Facebook and Twitter pages. She most enjoys the podcast part of this journey, although not the part where she has to listen to herself.

Graham: Never that far from tea, likes the fresh outdoors, especially by the sea. At times he has also been a backpacker, a tutor and a businessman. He writes the blogs and money sections, and is currently investigating ways to provide assisted living housing for young adults with additional needs.

This website has taken a while to get up and running, and every time we explain what we’re up to we get asked two questions. So just in case you’re wondering too.

How is Journey skills funded?

All websites and projects take a certain amount of funding to get up and running. Journey Skills is no different. It is primarily funded by affiliate links, which means when someone clicks through to Amazon, iTunes or other online stores, Journey Skills receives a small commission. Lots of website use this system. It doesn’t mean you pay any extra because companies already factor this into the sales price regardless. But what it means for Journey Skills is that we can fund this website and, eventually, pay everyone who works on it to make it bigger, better and more useful. If you do use the links to purchase products we thank you very much for your support. We promise to not promote anything that we do not feel is useful or serves some value.

Why isn’t Journey Skills a charity?

Journey Skills does not seek donations or grants from governments, or anyone else, and so being a charity doesn’t make sense for Journey Skills. Journey Skills wants to provide a valuable service to you, its audience, and if people believe Journey Skills does this we want to be free to pay staff accordingly. Often private industry is more dynamic and flexible than public bodies, and we wish Journey Skills to have the freedom to change quickly if circumstances dictate. We give you an undertaking to always remember our Corporate Social Responsibilities. In truth, Journey Skills exists to improve people’s lives, especially the lives of our children.

More about our vision for this website and everything else we are doing is on Our Vision page.